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Middle School

Adolescent Program

The Montessori Middle School supports the development of adolescents through project-based, experiential learning in an environment specifically designed to meet the individual needs of each student.

The adolescent period, ages 12 – 14 years old, is a stage of rapid growth in all areas of development; physical, physiological, social and emotional. Adolescence is the gateway from childhood into young adulthood. During this highly creative and physical maturation, the need for independence and autonomy deepens and evolves and thrives when carefully nurtured and tended.

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“Consistent with the moral relationships stressed in the Elementary Program, the adolescent can make great cognitive leaps while integrating ideas and values in conjunction with current events, home life, or community activities.” (NAMTA)

In addition to a strong focus on academic and physical development, the Adolescent Program builds and cultivates advanced life skills including conflict resolution, problem-solving, community and individual accountability, healthy life choices, and environmental responsibility in a safe and stable environment.

During Middle School years the adolescent naturally strives to understand personal identity in the context of the larger world. Defining an individual’s place in society, beyond and outside of family and school, is an important aspect of development at this stage. The Montessori Middle School’s carefully designed curriculum encourages and promotes freedom and responsibility as students develop and grow into independent, passionate, and engaged leaders in society.

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demonstrating this year's theme of RHYTHM

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The Adolescent Program offers students a rigorous academic curriculum coupled with enrichment opportunities and real-world experiences.

Students schedules include lessons, concentrated work periods, and school-wide service projects Monday through Thursday. Lessons are introduced by our highly trained Middle School Faculty and are interactive, collaborative, dynamic, and hands on. Broader engagements beyond campus are a unique, integral and exciting extension of the classroom and learning. Fridays are typically reserved for Going Out experiences in the local community and beyond.

"The Middle School program has prepared a global citizen for exploration of the world. Model United Nations, service work, challenging and adaptable curriculum, outdoor learning and more make Seven Acres an exceptional education for the whole child."

Jen I. (current Parent)

 “Highly recommend! A middle school program to be celebrated, not "endured."
My child continues to reap the benefits of his years at Seven Acres Montessori.”
Gwenna W. (Alum parent)

"But, above all it is the education of adolescents that is important, because adolescence is the time when the child enters on the state of [adulthood] and becomes a member of society." – Maria Montessori 

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