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physical education

The Labyrinth Athletic Program


The Labyrinth Program is Seven Acres Montessori's  interscholastic sports program.

The teams play soccer, basketball, and participate in cross-country and races. We aim to schedule games with other schools that share our philosophical approach to sports and against whom we are evenly matched. The older students play in the Fairchester Athletic League for soccer, basketball and cross-country.

How to join Labyrinth Teams

Every Lower through Upper Elementary student is encouraged to join our athletic program.  We give every player the opportunity to improve and gain experience in the world of athletics. We encourage full and consistent participation because that is better for both the individual player and the team. On the other hand, we recognize that there are legitimate reasons for absence so players will not be penalized for missing a game or practice.

Our Goals

  • Develop sportsmanship - Respect teammates, the other team and the referee.
  • Improve fitness.
  • Learn skills.
  • Have fun with friends and classmates.
  • Learn to work together as a team.
  • Challenge yourself against worthy competition.
  • Play hard.
  • Build school spirit.
  • Win gracefully and lose gracefully.

Reminders for parents at games

  • Be encouraging.  Your presence alone communicates that clearly.
  • Let the coach instruct the players during the game.  
  • Model good sportsmanship for your child and the community.
  • Appreciate the other team and officials.  

These are the values we live with our student-athletes. We ask you to support them.