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Our Program

Colorful bead squares for a montessori education

Both in philosophy and pedagogy, our program is based on the scientific research of Dr. Maria Montessori, our AMI Montessori training and the tenets of universal human development. 

Dr. Montessori provided the inspiration and our model. Classrooms are designed for mixed ages, allowing for both individual and social development.  The work areas throughout the rooms  are spacious with materials openly displayed and available.  These environments empower students to become proactive participants in their learning. 

Lessons are given in small groups or one on one. Montessori pedagogy and practice includes use of Montessori materials, charts, timelines, treasures, artifacts from a wealth of cultures around the world and the great outdoors.  Broad, interdisciplinary curriculum.

Boy playing with montessori blocks at a private school in CT
Red, black, and blue wooden montessori school blocks

A great work must be undertaken.  Maria Montessori