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Variable Tuition & Program Specifics

Seven Acres Montessori  seeks to assure economic diversity in our classrooms and to prevent any child enrolled in the School from having to leave due to a family fiscal crisis.

We recognize that families who might not expect to be eligible for “financial aid” still qualify for a tuition break. The Variable Tuition Program allows families to pay tuition that is commensurate with their financial situation. Application for variable tuition takes place annually. Seven Acres Montessori  encourages racial, ethnic, religious, and economic diversity. Currently, more than 30% of the students enrolled receive a variable tuition rate.


Priority 1 - Continue support for families currently on Variable Tuition.

Priority 2 - Provide funds to enable enrolled families to remain if personal finances change.

Priority 3 - Consider all other requests, including new families.

primary school student working on math at a montessori kindergarten program