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Welcome to Seven Acres Montessori

We look forward to introducing you to our vibrant Montessori School community.

We invite you to explore the Admissions section of our website and to read the array of articles and postings found throughout the About Us and Program sections.

little boy holding yellow pencil in a montessori toddler program

As we consider the entry and placement of new students, we are most interested in supporting the developmental needs of each individual. Providing a holistic approach to child development is at the heart of an authentic Montessori education and we believe that all children deserve the opportunity to reach their full potential. At Seven Acres Montessori, each Lead Teacher is AMI Montessori trained and certified to teach a specific level and each classroom has been masterfully designed and prepared to serve each child’s social, emotional, physical and intellectual needs during a particular phase of development.

So that we may understand more about your child, we invite your family to join us in a Learning Partnership. It is important that we learn about your child’s needs and interests as well as your family values.  We recognize and value the importance of helping parents understand the Montessori philosophy and approach to education. This mutual learning and understanding is the foundation for a strong relationship on behalf of your child. I look forward to beginning our Learning Partnership.

Admissions Process: 

Virtual Prospective Parent Information Registration:  Please click here.

Application:  Submission of the Online Information form and Application will formalize your place in our Admissions Process.  The information you provide allows us to learn important details about your child and your family. Please click here to apply online.  

Family Interview:  Following completion of both the Virtual Prospective Parent session and Application, your family will be invited for a Family interview with a classroom teacher. The connection between parents, child, and teacher is very important.   

Headshot of Ashley Grob, director of admissions at Seven Acres Montessori

Following your Family Interview, we will share relevant feedback and observations as well as discuss next steps toward admission. We value the relationships formed with each family, and we are delighted to partner with you in support of your child reaching his/her full potential as a developing human being. 

I look forward to connecting with you!
Ashley Grob - Director of Admissions

It is often said that montessori is more than an approach to education it is a way of life. 

we are delighted by your interest in our school and look forward to connecting with you through the admissions process.

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